New to the site.

Hello everyone!

Hello. Welcome to the group. I have not been a member for very long but found the information and people in the group to be very helpful and friendly. What part of the country are you in and where are you in your progress toward the ultimate goal?

Hey there! I say the same thing, not here long and loving every minute about it so far


Welcome to the group! I joined the group nearly 6 years ago as I prepared for the journey and am now in my last year of medical school madly preparing for the Step 2 exam as well as getting my residency application finalized for posting very soon.

I hope you find the group as beneficial as I have over the years, although admittedly I did take some time off from the group when I was dealing with the stress of the basic science years of medical school. You will get lots of support from the group, and at times, perhaps a little dose of reality check, too–never meant to be hurtful, just meant to bring in other ways to approach issues and situations.

Please don’t hesitate to post your questions as well as sharing your thoughts with others who have questions. And please share your story with us, if you’re so inclined, so that we might get to know you a little more!

Best wishes!