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I’m new to the site but need some information for medical school. I am currently a second semester sophomore and have taken gen chem, gen bio, one semester of calc, and am currently taking organic chem and physics. I am taking the physics 1 based on calculus 1. I was originally taking calc 2, but dropped it because i was afraid of my course load with ochem and physics too. I understand that most medical schools do not require calculus 2 and basically I do not want to take it if I don’t have too. Would medical schools be okay with one semester of calculus, and one semester of calc based physics, and then a semester of algebra based physics? I’m confused help!

Thanks, danielle

It really depends on the school. I believe only a few schools require calc I and II. I would say that most schools require 1-2 semesters of upper level math (ie. calc, stats). If you have any specific schools in mind I would consult their website or MSAR.

I do not think calc-based physics would qualify as an upper level math.

I may not entirely get your question, but schools won’t care whether your physics classes are algebra or calculus based, and on your transcripts they’ll probably just show up as PHY I and II. However, they may notice if you take a 200 level course in Fall and a 100 level in Spring. Not sure if they’d care, or if it will have a negative impact on you.

As for the math, most require you take two college level courses that includes calculus I and statistics. Take a look at the schools you might be interested in and see if any of the ones you’re considering requires 2 semesters of calculus, then decide whether you want to do it.

Good luck!

Another thing you can do is to make an appointment and sit with the pre med advisor at your college/university. The advisor might give you some direcetion as you classes yo need to complete. I think that many medical schools no longer specify calculus. They request two math classes and many specify math based statistic.