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Hi, I’ve been an RN for about 14 years now and want to finish my BS degree. (I have a AA degree in Nursing now). I have the burning desire now to go to Medical school. I currently practice as a Hospice RN. I have volunteered for Boy Scouts for about 8 years, I have gone to a camp for Hospice Kids as a volunteer for the past 2 years, I have practiced in infusion therapy and trauma nursing. My only worry is my age, 39.
I can become a Doctor if I can get into med school. My plan is a 3 year
residency in family medicine then off to practice in a rural area. I don’t much care about where. I don’t care where I go to school either.
I have a burning desire to do this and spend 25 years practicing.
My wife is 101% behind me.
Any comments?

My first comment is “go for it” - of course you can do this! When you note you’ve got an AA in nursing and that you want to get your BS, do you mean that you think you should complete the BS in nursing? Because it sounds like you are achieving everything you could want to as a nurse - and what you next want to do is go to medical school. A BS in nursing isn’t really the best pathway for going into medicine; you do need to complete a bachelor’s degree but it can be in whatever you’d like to major in. You’re likely to have more freedom to complete your med school prerequisites in another major. You won’t have to “hide” your aspirations from a nursing school advisor (sounds ridiculous but it has happened to OPMs who were in nursing school - they got a lot of hostility from nursing school folks).
I recognize that one attraction for the BSN might be that it would take less time to complete the bachelor’s work than it would in another field. However, if you have to augment your BSN studies with the science courses required for applying to med school (which are usually NOT the same level as the science courses for nursing school), you may find that the time savings is insignificant or eliminated.
So that’s my .02 and then some and if I’m off the mark, feel free to ignore! In the meantime, good luck to you and know that you’re not alone in pursuing this unique mid-life adventure.

Welcome Whuds. The age does not have to be a limitation. This is clearly illustrated by Dr. Natalie Belle who I think is the reigning oldster in this group of old pre-meds(not that your old Nat ). It sounds like you are in a good position because you are aware of what you what to do and have the maturity to go after it with focus. Also, you (probably) don’t have to dig yourself out of an academic hole. Mary has some good advice regarding the approach to completing your bachelors as she has a BSN. THere are a few others out there that are nurses that may have other ideas to share. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great.

Thank You for your encouragement.
I hope to visit this site often during my climb to my goal to become a Doctor. I will look forward to the challenges and to the advice from others as well as advice I may be able to give.

I just wanted to say hi and welcome to OPM! I’m glad you’re here. I think you can pursue your dream of becoming a doctor, and the fact that you have so much clinical experience as a nurse can only help you!

Hi and welcome to OPM. I wish you luck on your journey!!!