New website provides user-generated data about your chances

A new website has just been started by students to supply user-generated data to med school applicants.

Check out

It is similar to MdApplicants, but it provides more information in an easier-to-understand way.

We have had med students create profiles with their GPA and MCAT scores and enter which schools they applied to and indicated whether they were accepted, waitlisted, or denied. Every medical school in the country has a graph on the site where this information is displayed. Check out a school you are interested in, and click on “graphs” to see how it works.

These graphs are useful to you for several reasons. For example, the schools do not say how much weight they put on GPA relative to the MCAT. Using members’ data, Med School Countdown provides that information.

If you have already applied, you can check out how previous applicants with similar numbers to yours have done. And you can scope out a little bit of the competition.

All of the member accounts are anonymous. Med School Countdown keeps private information confidential.

Just a quick minor pointer:

if you’re going to have graphs, make sure the legend labels equate to the data points.

your data points have different shapes, but that doesn’t match the shapes in legend… colors do.

Layout is nice, user friendly. Good luck with it (and your law careers).

Thank you! I am actually going to ask everybody else for help now.