New Year's Day with Natalie!!

And what a day it’s been. This morning, the doctor I pet sat for over the holidays brought his kids over, played with my dogs and parrot for a while, and then we all walked downtown to watch the local parade. It was really fun just relaxing and having a good time!
Then, the best part of the day. . . our Natalie Belle came over to spend the afternoon and evening, and we had a blast!! I took her over to WVSOM and showed her around my favorite med school. She got some great digital pix, I’m sure she’ll post them soon. We had so much fun just talking about school, the future, and the present. Went out to dinner at my favorite local restaurant, The General Lewis Inn. Great food, great company, great day!!
So, now my mood has been elevated out of the holiday doldrums that I was suffering with, and I am ready to hit the books for a few days before classes begin next week.
For those of you who haven’t yet met Natalie, she is absolutely one of the best OPM members around. Always encouraging, always positive, and always a lot of fun! Be sure and read her posts. They are always filled with great advice and insight.
If any of you ever want to come and see WVSOM, just let me know. I’d love to show you around!

Hi Folks,

You have to go and visit this school. Even better, if you are fortunate to attend here. I love this campus. Take a read of my latest entry in my Diary.


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