Newbie Here.. Saying Hello

Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello…
I've been reading alot of the old posts.

First off. . welcome!!
Second. . . what do you mean, officially old?! I am 52 and just beginning med school in August! Pshaw!! Old is a state of mind!
Anyway, I think you will find OPM to be an extremely supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable bunch. I know I have.
It sounds as though you have your ducks all lined up in a row. So now you'll be moving on and preparing for the MCAT.
Have you read about our conference coming up the end of May? If not look under the conference/convention headings and check it out. You might find it extremely useful to attend.
It's a great way to meet other OPM's and is chock full of interesting speakers concerned with helping OPM members achieve their goal of attending medical school and becoming successful physicians.
And there are a lot of great raffle prizes this year, too.
So, when you get the chance, fill us in on more details of your chiropractic career and why you have decided to proceed into medicine. You will find a lot of different stories on the whys and hows we have gotten to where we are in the process. OPM is a great place for support encouragement, celebration, and just plain old fun!
Again, welcome!!