Newbie here......

Hey everyone,

My name is Skylar, I’m 33, love being single but wouldn’t turn a tall, good-looking guy away. I’ve been a technical writer for the past 8 years, I do mostly grants, RFPs and so on. When I’m not writing 40 page proposals, I am a modern/lyrical dancer who did some professional touring in my 20s. A back injury took me off track - was hoping to continue till my early 40s. I still dance but not as much.

I have a BA with major in Psychology, minor in neuroscience, and and MA in social Psychology. My undergrad. GPA was 2.8, BCPM 3.35, grad. GPA 3.77. If I had any discipline at all 15 years ago, I would have missed a few episodes of NYPD Blue to get a better GPA. I have several years of clinical and volunteer experiences, 1 published paper (first author) and 3 abstracts (1 first author, 2 second).

Took the August 2005 MCAT and was beaten like an albino stepchild. I got 9VR, 7PS, 5BS and an S in the writing sample. Apparently I can write but can’t tell a cell from a bell.

I’m taking 30 postbacc credits (24 upper level science) in 2006/07 and resitting the April 2007 exam for a fall 2008 entry.

My mother thinks I should get married and have a couple of babies instead of loitering in university campuses. She’s a beautiful ex-hippie, ex-teacher who thinks all institutions should be shunned (except marriage) especially higher education ones. She does think I’m smart enough and would make a fantastic doctor. She just thinks I could get an MD at 48 but not a baby. I told her I’m getting an MD no matter what and will just have to pop out my Rosemary’s baby later.

Really glad to have found y’all. If anyone has any tips to make me a viable candidate for fall 2008, I would really appreciate it.

Skylar (hoping to become Dr. Skylar in 2012)