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Hi Everbody, I just wanted to say what an inspiration you all are. I never thought I would go back to med school but just seeing you guys, its really motivated me to back. I learned about this post from SDN. My story, I’m 30 y/o went to pharm school instead of med after being rejected in 1998 (had a 3.8 GPA and 33 on MCAT)… don’t know why I got rejected… but I got disappointed and gave up… now I’m ready to go back and give it one more shot. I just started studying for the MCAT again… and will call schools to see if I need to repeat my prereqs. Thanks to everybody and keep on inspiring people like me who thought it was impossible.

Hi there!

Welcome! We’re glad to have you. I’m curious why you are giving up pharmacy. I admit that I almost went to that field, thinking it will be a “good substitute” for my dream (going to med school and becoming a doctor), but decided to go for the real thing instead.

Hmm…your MCAT and undergrad GPA were both great. I don’t know why you were rejected. Did you ever find out why? Perhaps that was your Achilles’ heel, and maybe you can work on that. I don’t know if I will be able to help, but there are many wonderful people here at OPM who will offer great advice if you need it.

Again, welcome to OPM!

Hi Opal,

No, none of the admissions committees at that time would give me an answer… no idea to this day. I think that’s why I gave up after the initial application. Pharmacy…the respect is not there, still work the register after 8 years of school, u have a doctorate but people still call you by the first name, chains make it like a fast food atmosphere, and the main reason is no real job satisfaction. Its not about health care… just about getting the rx done as quickly as possible and keeping the customer happy.

That’s my rant… but yes, any help from any members would be appreciated…

Just a question for those who went back… how did you handle the loss of income for 4 years… was it really bad or something you get used to? Thanks.

You eat a lot of beans & weinies! LOL! Just kidding…the loss of income mandates a LOT of lifestyle changes, the depth of which is dependent upon your debt-load going in & how much savings/investments you have to fall back upon while a student…and spousal/SO income, if you have one.

Unless you are loaded to the gills, it is unlikely, verging on impossible, to escape without accruing a substantial load burden. But, managed diligently, you can at least minimize how much flesh Sallie Mae extracts. I was told my financial aid guy @ KCOM that, “you can live like a student now or live like student when you get out. It’s your choice.”

Hi Dave

Thanks for the info. Sallie Mae has already taken $130k of my flesh… of which I still owe $119k… only out for 4 years. I’m going to work a lot of OT to save up some extra $$ and go from there. Also, does anybody know of any online post-bac programs? My schedule doesn’t allow me to attend class… currently working 50 to 60 hours a week. Thanks.


  • OldManDave Said:
"you can live like a student now or live like student when you get out. It's your choice."

Delayed gratification is a *itch! However better to be a doc living relatively "large" versus just scraping by because of too much debt. A friend of a friend graduated med school with over $400k in debt!!!! She was single, with no kids, and didn't buy a house so all that money is just "stuff" she bought along the way......BMW in med school????? Why!