Newbie saying Hi

What’s up everyone. What a terrific website. I’m new to bulletin boards and this is all a little intimidating even though I remane annonymous. This question has probably already been asked numerous times but do med schools still accept ungrad courses taken 10 yrs prior to when one is applying? What if you demonstrate retension of general science knowledge through competitive MCAT scores?

Welcome aboard! Take your time getting your feet wet; everybody’s friendly around here. Some medical schools will not accept older prereqs and will want you to retake them. Others may let you validate those courses, either by rocking the MCAT or taking upper level courses in biology and chemistry to show you can do it. It’s important to look up the requirements for the schools that interest you and/or contact them to ask about their policies.
Medical schools don’t all look at things the same way, which can sometimes be to your advantage.

That’s kind of what I figured. Thanks for the reply.

Welcome to OPM!
In terms of grades over 10 years, you need to check with the schools that you are interested in applying to, as many will NOT accept grades that old. (Think about the amount of material that has been added to science in the last 10 years!) Whatever you find at your schools of choice, I wish you every success in your future endeavors!