Newbie to the site

Hello. I am Charles and I currently work as a registered nurse at an orthopedic trauma unit is Jacksonville, Fl. When in high school, I thought that I wanted to be an Orthopedic surgeon, but I got married very early and that dream kind of took a back seat. My wife went to nursing school, while I worked in law enforcement before obtaining my BSN. At first I was satisfied with my role as a nurse, but more and more, I have had the returning desire to become a doctor. I have a BSN from Florida State University with a undergrad GPA of 3.75. I am currently taking the pre-med/ science requiremnts. I currently have a 4.0 in these classes. My wife and I are moving to Georgia in about a year and I have looked at a few med schools around Atlanta. I was wondering if anyone had any opinion about Emory and the “non-traditional” student. I know that PCOM has a Georgia campus and apparently favor the older medical student. I do not favor the MD over DO. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Our ped. went to PCOM here in PA. It’s apparently highly competative, but it worked out great for us being she is excellent. She was older, non trad. and actually my inspiration to attempt this feat. Good luck. I don’t have much advice since I’m just working my way through the pre reqs, but I can offer you a greetings and some luck.

Welcome also to the site!