Hello everybody,
What a wonderful site! I love reading about evreybodies success stories they are very inspiring. I am 27 years old and am starting the long journey toward becoming a doctor. I am currently attending a community college to complete my pre-reqs and hopefully transfer to Midwestern University Biomedical Bacc program. It is a undergraduate program custom made for premed students. I am however not sure if that is the best way to go. I could just simply go to Arizona State University and save a truck load of money, but MU has a great med school acceptance rate for its graduates.
My first couple of years at community college were terrible (I got all F’s my first semester sad.gif ), that is why I am going to spend the next two years concentrating on nothing else but doing well in my prereqs. I picked up a job at the local ER as a Tech, which has been great at keeping me motivated. I would be grateful for any advice from any veteran premeds out there.

That's great. I'm 33 and I'm starting two semesters full-time at UConn this fall and taking the MCAT in the spring. UConn has a post-bacc program but I never really considered it. I didn't do any research into it so it might be great, but I just enrolled as a traditional undergrad pre-med. For my money, i'd got to your state school to do your pre-reqs based on cost alone. I'm hardly a vetern anything, but i think you're doing everything right otherwise. I just got my EMT license and I'll try to spend at least a year working full-time before I apply to med school. Also, at the OPM convention in D.C. this May I heard that volunteering for hospice looks really good on your application. I'll look into doing that if there's a hospice not too far from campus. Good luck!

Hi Cray,
I'm at UCONN as well, and this fall will be my last semester, fulfilling the organic chem lab. I'll also be taking biochemistry, a pharmD course, and psycoI.
I assume that you will be taking gen chem, Chem 127 this fall, along with phys 121? Who are the professors? They are both hard courses, but genchem 127 is a killer - students used to cry coming out of the exams.

UCONN is a way cool place! Their gas program was my pleasant surprise of the interview trail. Both John Dempsey Hosp & Hartford Hospital were very sweet! I understand that their med school is very solid as well. One of my med students last month…her fiance is an MS-3 there. Hartford, CT did not seem to be too bad a town either…esp the areas surrounding the city. The region out by Dempsey Hosp was gorgeous!

Good luck scwimmer and cray! Glad to get more people on board.

I've actually already gotten gen chem and bio out of the way doing two semesters part-time at UConn-Torrington. I really liked it there–the classes were small (nine students in my bio 108 class), and my bio professor was my age and very approachable. I took organic this summer and I'll be in the organic lab too. See you there?