Hi everyone! I’m new to the boards. I’m really glad to find them! I’m a 26 year old Human Physiology grad (2004) and I’ve been working completely out of the field since graduation. I’ve done well in my field but I miss medicine. I graduated with a 3.21/3.15 gpa. I’ve searched the boards but I’m still looking for a little specialized advice.


the 3.15 sci gpa would be 3.27 without A&P (which has a Phys code) but from what I’m seeing they are going to count it in my BCPM?


I gave up on medschool after graduation because I didn’t think I could get in due to my low GPA, which has a lot to do with my long time boyfriend being deployed to Iraq. You can actually see when he left and returned by looking at my transcript. Any thoughts on if I can mitigate that with the personal statement?


The only prereqs I still need are O-chem and genetics, which I can finish by August. I signed up to take the MCAT on the last possible date in 09, which is in early Sept so I have max study time. Then I found this site and after reading some entries I am wondering if I am totally going to miss the boat here? Will submitting my AMCAS application in June help if my MCAT scores are so late?

I would really like to avoid delaying the process another year, but I am willing to if I HAVE to

I would really appreciate your thoughts on my situation, even though I know you’ve answered individual questions in the past. Thanks!


Welcome to the site! You are among friends, also there are some here who are more qualified to give specific answers are your academics. I would encourage you to battle through your past. Nothing is impossible, once you dig in and start going full tilt toward getting into a medical school, you can and will overcome all.

A lot of the community has had things from their academic past that they have overcome, it’s never easy but if you want it, you can have it.

I again want to welcome you, and hope you find this to be a wealth of information and support. It’s a mature site, with very supportive members! So I hope to see you active here!

Thanks for the warm welcome, maddux!

No problem!


Hello All…I am brand new and I fell upon your site while researching older non-trad medical students and candidates looking for a spark of hope. I’m a 38 y/o mom and wife without an undergrad degree. I went to technical school to become an LPN and have been practicing in behavioral health for 4 years. Anyhow, since I was a little girl, I have wanted to become a doctor. Specifically, a psychiatrist. I didn’t do it for a number of reasons that could take up pages. Boils down to lack of belief in myself and all that good stuff that has taken 38 years for me to overcome (and still, I battle daily…).

Well, my uncle died of cancer this weekend and that started me on the thinking path. One life to live so why not shoot for the stars? I’ve got a great family, supportive husband and really flexible job. Time to go back to school. I am starting from square one. I have 3 credits in Developmental Psych from a half-hearted attempt to get my RN online.

Thanks for having this site here. Just reading some of these posts is giving me the courage to go back to school to finally accomplish my dream!

Hi I am also new to the boards. I am also 38 and currently work as a nurse practitioner for 3 years. I love my job but feel there is only so far I can go as an NP and want total control over what and how I care for my patients. Good luck to you and know that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.