Hi I'm Courtney
I am 27, I have 2 children I 'm married 6yrs and have been with my husbend for ten. My children are ages 7 and 5, and I can no longer have any more. Therefore, I am ready to persue my dream of becomming a missionary doctor. I am still getting basic courses out of the way. I am very inspired by the stories that I have read here.
Any words of wisdom or encouragement would be greatly apprecieated!

Hi Courtney,
Welcome to our little group. It is good to have you! Medical missionary work sounds pretty cool and a pretty neat way to contribute to aiding some of the needy folks in the world. I haven't completely given up on volunteering for Doctors without Borders myself. I just need to finish my residency first.
Welcome and post from time to time so that we know how you are progressing!


biggrin.gif Welcome to Oldpremeds - it's a great resourceful and inspirational site. Your goal sounds fabulous, whenever you have doubts, return to this site and review the posts. It keeps me motivated - hopefully it will do the same for you.
Stay focused.............

Hey Courtney,
Welcome to OPM! Good luck in your studies.