newly appointed Navy Officer

well I know that some of you had advised me not to go this route as I’m moving towards applying to med school; however, I decided to take the plunge and become an Ensign in the Reserves in the Supply Corps. I’ve been instructed by many officers that I will be able to apply for a conditional release during the time that I’m applying to med school and the HPSP. My commanding officer will have to sign off releasing me from the Supply Corps. According to personnel, docs are in need at this time and as long as I’m willing to prolong my stay in the Navy, I’ll be able to switch over. I certainly hope this is all true. as I went with the bird in the hand (commission) vs. 2 in the bush (will they still take me later if I decline the commission?) good way for me to get my feet wet in the military vs. me just jumping full force into USUHS in 3 yrs.

Congratulations! And welcome aboard. I hope everything works out the way you have it planned, but it will be an adventure no matter what!


Navy Mom

I second everything Mary said* - congrats, and I wish you the best, man.

*except the “Navy Mom” part ;).