Newly decided pre med

Hi all! I just recently decided to start school…again, after being out of it for a few years. I’m now 33 (where has the time gone!), and have 3 kids. My husband works full time, and I just really feel like I need to finish what I started years ago.

So here I am. I’m almost embarrassed to give you my school history, I’m not a scholar, but I am smart. Long story short, I did beauty school in high school, then started on a Nursing track at the local Community College, but after getting knocked up for the 3rd time, I dropped out. Now, with the 3 kids, and no time, I feel like pre med is just the thing my life is missing.

So I’m finishing up my Associates Degree, which will take just a semester or two, then I’ll transfer to a 4 year school for pre med. I’m just really scared about the financial end of things, and the time. I feel like if the tables were turned, and a husband with 3 kids was in school, it would be noble, but when a wife with 3 kids does it, it’s just something to take up her time. Does that make sense?

Anyway, here I am. I love reading all the threads, and I feel like we’re all in the same boat, sort of.


Never be embarrassed by your past seems to be a mantra here, or at least, never make excuses. It is how you became who you are and I’m pretty sure, with all the colorful, caring, charming, fun people on this forum, someone or more, has been there/done that/felt that/seen that.

Welcome Keli!

Take it one step at a time, try not to worry about things that are too far ahead. I am 34, with two kids- I understand how you feel about if your husband did this instead of you- I feel that way sometimes too- but it helps to have a very supportive husband!

I come back to this site every few days to get a boost - helps when other people give you a “way to go”- especially folks that are in the same boat.

Good luck!

Go for it!! As far as I know, there is as much admiration for a mother returning to school as there is for a father…if you’re willing to take risks to achieve your dreams, you’re setting the best possible example for your kids! My mom was single and not receiving child support when she decided to finish her bachelor’s degree. I was in high school, and I was in charge of my younger siblings’ homework/dinner/etc. while she went to class after working 60 hours a week. I never resented her…I was proud of her!

I decided to start fresh at almost 30 to pursue a career in medicine. I was terrified by the prospect of becoming a student again, with no real income, but I figured that if my mother could pull off going to school part-time with three kids, I could certainly be resourceful enough to take care of myself! Do what makes you happy…it’ll benefit you and everyone around you in the long run.