Next step?

First of all - I REALLY want to become a doctor.

But I’m afraid I’ve exhausted my possibilities…

I am currently working at an academic hospital as a clinical researcher/data analyst working on nosocomial surveillances for the hospital. I also do some side jobs (free work) as biostat consultant for other clinical projects - I get compensated through authorships. Most of them are submitted or re-submitted and currently under review. So far there are only 3 that are in print. One of which is where I am a first author (not sure if that matters) but it’s in an unknown journal. (peer-reviewed). I like working with stats but I mainly chose this job as a stepping stone to actually get to medical school.

I got my masters in epidemiology (MPH) on 2004 with a gpa of around 3.8 (I don’t recall - but I had 2 B’s on the first quarter and the rest are A’s).

Subsequently, I took my MCAT that summer (2004). I did not have an outstanding score. 8PS 9VR 10BS.

Since I was not very confident, I initially applied to 7 schools nearby. I had an interview at 1 school and I was waitlisted for a long long long time on 2005. In fact, they never really sent me my rejection letter . Each time I would visit the counselor, she would advise me to wait and to NOT apply just yet. This was already on August! By September, she informed me that they had already sent rejection letters (but still haven’t received it yet as of today). So, I hussled and re-applied to the same school. I didn’t have enough time to apply to other schools. I had somewhat of a time-constraint (most of the school had past their deadline) and heavy job load at the time. I had my second interview and got rejected. I wasn’t surprised, the interviewer was very disinterested from the moment that I walked in.

When I was ready to re-apply, a family crisis occurred. Medical school was the least thing on my mind. This leaves me with my an expired MCAT for next year. To top it all of I have taken the MCAT twice (on 1998 to 1999) while I was an undergrad (same scores: 9PS 7VR 9BS). So, I’ve exceeded my limits.

Also, my undergrad gpa was not so hot (around 3.1) but from a decent university. I had graduated last millenium on 1999.

My volunteering has been intermittent at the hospital. I was suppose to start my volunteering at the ED but again - family crisis.

Anyway, I just want to know my option or what to do next.

I am willing to do anything within reason. I’ve considered carribean schools - but it’ll have to be in 2008. I really want to but not sure if it’s feasible for me (financial issue, support, etc).

I’m not sure how to apply to D.O. schools - if they would even take my old MCAT. What’s the difference between MD and DO? Can a DO still practice outside the US - there is a possibility that I might have to relocate to Canada in 10 years…as my fiance in from Toronto.

I am also willing to re-take the MCAT (if they’d let me). or should I sign up for a post-bacc? Can I even get in? I really don’t know which is the best next step. Do I even have a chance? I feel like I’ve painted myself in a corner…

Welcome, BSJ. I think that things are not as bad as you think.

Up front, the best advice may be to contact a few medical schools and ask their advice, especially regarding age of pre-reqs. I would suspect they’ll want more recent undergrad coursework, but they may consider your MPH and work sufficient.

Your MCAT score isn’t bad, and my understanding is that you simply need to file a written petition to take it again.

You can apply to Caribbean schools through AACOMAS. I believe that DOs are somewhat limited in opportunities abroad, but there is some positive movement on that front.

Other forumites here will probably be able to tell you more about Caribbean schools and Candian regulations.

So overall, I think your best next step would be to take a deep breath and relax On this path, the hardest advice for me to take has been about patience; your outlook may be similar.

Re: confidence - how much would you expect that showed through in your interviews?

(sorry if this was a bit disjointed - wrote it in a few different sittings)