NHSC loan pay back program

Hello -

I recall someone posting to another thread a reference to the National Health Service Corp and I am trying to learn more about it’s loan payback program.

I have read the overview on the website and have a high level understanding of the expected commitment to work in under served communities in return for $25K-$35K per year of loan payback.

I’m wondering if anyone here on OPM has participated in this program or can share some of the important upsides and downsides of this program?

$25K-$35K per year is significant, but I believe the final loan costs of medical school (having a family of three) will go far beyond those numbers.

Is there any choice on the part of doctors regarding the communities in which they work, or is this decided by the NHSC?

Your thoughts and experiences are most appreciated.


HI Neil -

There is a pretty good review of the whole NHSC system in a special section on SDN. I found it in the pre-DO section at the bottom.

Basically you have some choice about where you can apply to loan repayment sites (many are in Community Health Centers) and there is a job fair where prospective applicants meet the folks from different clinics/hospitals/other sites that are hiring.

I too have three kids, two of whom will be in college while I am in DO school and I am going to apply for the NHSC scholarship program which pays costs plus a small stipend.

Good luck!