Nice to meetcha


I stumbled across this site AFTER taking the MCAT, unfortunately for me. It looks like a wealth of knowledge and support for the non-traditional student… I hope to learn as much as I can from the folks on here. I didn’t want to lurk without at least introducing myself, so here goes.

Name: Doug

Age: Old as dust, hills.

Undergraduate grades: *!@#$%^. Actually, make that *!@#$%^ minus.

Clinical experience: I was cross-trained as a tactical medic when I was on a SWAT team (basically an EMT-B certification), as well as some shadowing.

I’ll be the poster boy for Yes You Can if I actually succeed!

Hi Mtnbiker,

Just wanted to welcome you! You’ll definitely get a lot out of this thread.

Best of luck!

swat doc here too, but i am now just going into school…scared out of my pants…were you ever LEO too? (im assuming you were)

Thanks for the welcome, Krisss17… it’s good to be here.

jbane3: I was primarily an assaulter (entry guy for the non-LEOs reading this), being a medic was a secondary duty. I found as time went on that I enjoyed the medical side more than the law enforcement side. I did some shadowing to make sure I had a more realistic view of how doctors work, and liked what I saw.

I was a LEO for several years and enjoyed the hell out of it, but I’m ready to move on.

What classes are you taking?

Welcome Doug!

Thanks kiyasmom!

Hi Doug - since you just took the MCAT, are you applying for 2010 also??


Yes I am… I’m rushing around trying to square away my application and all. Are you applying also?

Yes I am! This is my 4th try… I tried twice during/immediately after college (2003 and 2004)and once after my master’s in microbiology (2007)… got a few interviews and a waitlist but it didn’t work out. The lab job is just not cutting it for me and if I don’t try med school again I think I’ll regret it.

Best of luck to you and everyone else trying this year! I hope everything works out.

Wow, a masters in Microbio… so the MCAT must have been a walk in the park.

Schools seem to love research experience, so that’ll put you ahead of the game. Good luck!