ok I’m in the middle of studying for the Aug MCAT… So I have a dream last night where I completely ran out of time to study for the MCAT without having finished my prep course. So there I was taking the MCAT not knowing a thing, when this mass murderer (dressed in a fisherman’s coat with a hook like on “I Know What You Did Last Summer”) trying find me. So I’m not only freaking out that I have to take the MCAT without any preparation but also that I have to get away from the psycho!

Ok, I’m not a dream analyst or anything but I think I’m having MCAT issues…and it’s not even August yet!!!


My suggest would be to take Kaplan or similar prep course that provides a proctored test every Saturday for several weeks in advance of the real one. You will be so accustomed to the rigors of the test that come test day you will find it almost routine. I think it helps with test anxiety such as you describe because you will have honed your test skills to the point where you can just relax into the routine and do your best.

Having said that, I did feel more pressure on the real test day than at practices, and I wish I had had about 3-4 more such practices. I also wish my content had been a little better; I did run into some science questions that I had to guess, even after months of reviewing the material and drilling.

Just study hard and take lots of practice tests and you’ll be fine.