NMR resources?

hello helpful OPMers,

I’m preparing for my orgo final, and finding myself unable to internalize how to convert from provided NMR data into the proper molecular structure. I’m doing okay with the simple examples, but once there are more than 3/4 signal shifts involved, I’m mostly at a loss. Can anyone recommend good explanatory videos/websites that helped you with this material? I’ve been killing it on the rest of this orgo material so far, not sure why this has me so stumped.

thanks in advance!

  • Lucy

Here’s a couple helpful websites:


(scroll to bottom for some practice questions)

Some more practice problems:

http://orgchem.colorado.edu/Spectroscopy/Problems /…

I like Freelance Teacher’s videos when it comes to Orgo.


Hope this helps! Good luck on your final!

Thanks for the recommendations, really appreciate it!

I have some…let me look them up. Ah, NMR.

Edited! The MSU link above is actually the best one I found. Also, one would never think, but there are a few intro NMR manuals written, I presume, for new grad students. Go into your lib. under subject heading NMR and skim the first chapter or two off of the newest and shiniest books. (Not that the molecules have changed, but the presentation is more today-friendly.)

For Economical NMR Solvents ,Deuterated Solvents and Labelled Isotopes for researchers and Students i guess you people can check synmr.in