No Longer Hiding

I have been reading the forums on and off for 2 years. I spent a great deal of time deciding if I should work towards a PA program or DO. I decided on PA. So, here I am hoping to apply to medical school. (Seem confusing?)

I realized the PA program was not the “dream” it was the compromise.

I am 37 years old. My undergrad GPA is mediocre. It was about a 3.0, should be higher, but I haven’t calculated it. My last 40 credits have been at about a 3.8 (if I include current courses.) I have not taken Org or Physics, but my current science GPA is 4.0. I have 12 credits at a 4.0 in grad school, but they are business courses. I am taking my pre-reqs at the community college. I have read all of the comments about community colleges.

I was considering applying to DO programs next year, and enrolling in the UMDNJ SOM Biomed MS as a hedge, at the same time.

I was an Air Force medic, when I was younger. I am currently a volunteer EMT averaging 800 hours per year. I have done per diem work in hospital. I am also involved in emergency communications in my county, and have organized community events, like a fall prevention presentation at one of the 55 and over communities. I have many FEMA courses in emergency management.

Initially, I decided that I did not want to try for med school and finish a residency at 50. After further thought, I realized I crave the education I will get in med school and I want to practice medicine. I don’t care much about being rich. I just want to be a Dr. I actually want to help people, and feel challenged in my career. (That is not happening in my current life as an accountant.)

Ok, there is my intro!


Welcome and good luck, Lou!!

lou, i am a former accountant as well, was unhappy, and am now a nursing care tech on a tele/transpolant floor, the laws are changing that may limit the scope of nurse practitioners, i absolutely am going to get the adn or bsn, but i am absoutely unafraid to attempt pre-med pre-reqs at the age of 44. best of luck in whatever you decide, everyone’s situation is a little bit different, and only you know what’s right for you. best wishes from the trenches…

osu is an awesome med school! as un unhappy accounting major, i walked through the halls with a med 3, who eventually went over to med micro, and i fell in love with the place, that was a long time ago, and i still have this bee in my bonnet today that i might like to be a physician, even at my crusty age. beautiful school it is, and a top-notch teaching hospital…best wishes from the trenches…

Thanks for the comments.


how recent are your science courses? i think that as long as you really nail orgchem I&II to the wall (physics too) you will be just fine…

as competitiveness is considered, your science GPA is great and the fact you have so much volunteer time under the belt is a boon to your application too. i wish you the best of luck!

Welcome to the marathon Lou! Where it’s not as important how fast you finish, just that you finish!



Your story seems very similiar to mine. I was going to (once again) try and soothe or squealch the desire to be an MD to be a PA. It wasn’t until I stumbled along this site that my mind was made up! I’m on the path to MD and honestly I won’t look back again! Best of Luck!!!

Thanks for the response. I went as far as having my application for PA school complete. I was just putting on the finishing touches, but realized I could not do it.

I agree that this site is very encouraging.


All I have are recent sciences. I did take Bio 1 and Chem 1 when I was younger. I have retaken both classes.

I have a good “resume” (I think). I just really need to keep my GPA up as I complete Chem 2, Org 1,2, and Physics 1,2. So far my science GPA is probably a 3.9 (at community college.)

That message has been repeating itself in the forums: Don’t rush. I am trying to keep that in mind. I desperately want to take MCATS in Summer 2010. It sounds so far away, but academically, it is so close.

Academically, it’s so close it’s scarey! I’m looking at a 2010 MCAT too! Has me freaking paranoid.