No more missteps; Finding the right next step

Hi everyone,

Sorry in advance for the long post.

Normally, I would be the type to research, research, research, and not actually post anything as I am not particularly proud of my previous educational endeavors. However, I need to move past that both mentally and in regards to my gpa/next steps toward my dream of being a physician.

I started college in fall 2007 and was not mature enough to handle the course work that I signed up for and it showed in my gpa. I took time off to get my head straight and ended up in the hospital with heart problems. When I did return to a community college in fall 2009 I was only able to take a few classes and had to withdrawal from other as I found out I was expecting in January of 2010. Due to being a single parent I put off my education again until 2014, and by the end of 2015 I finished an associate’s in account (my thoughts at that moment were to get a degree that would help me better support my child).

I never lost the deep seeded desire to become a physician but thought that the poor decisions of my past would not allow for this. With that in mind, I bounced around from major to major trying to find something that might partially fill the void and I never found that.

I am five classes from completing my bachelor’s degree in psychology and am looking towards a post bacc for my prerequisites and to boost my gpa. I am the first of my family to graduate from college so there has been a huge learning curve and a lot of missteps.

2007 - Bio and Chem were taken (Bio - F, Chem - D)

Overall GPA: 1.48

2009 Community college - No science classes but 'W’s in multiple classes

Overall GPA: 3.29

2014 - associate’s degree attained - lower division science (physical sci, intro bio - no lab)

Overall GPA: 3.8

2017 - Engineering major (chem 1 & chem 2 w/labs both A’s) - withdrew from university while still enrolled in class (class had not started yet) - they failed me in the class (engineering) anyways.

Overall GPA: 3.296

2019 - Getting my bachelor’s of science in Psychology

Current GPA: 4.00

-working on finishing my last five classes.

I am looking for advice or some direct as to how to proceed after I finish my degree this summer and if a formal post bacc is the best avenue or if there is a way that I can save money and do a diy post bacc. I am now married with another child and the breadwinner of our family however, my husband fully supports me in this endeavor and we have already started working out finances for me to quit my job when the time comes.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!