No prereqs - schools don't require them

I completed nursing school ~1 year ago, and am planning on applying to medical school. I didn’t complete many of the prereqs (such as orgo) during undergrad, but noticed many schools have listed on their website that they don’t have specific courses anymore. Has anyone applied without doing the prereqs? are the schools actually serious about not having requirements?

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Some of the schools I’ve looked at still list them, but very broadly (i.e., one year biology, one year chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, etc.) as opposed to specifically BIO 1/BIO 2, Chem 1/Chem2, etc…

I think it’s more so that those prereqs will help us understand the material for the MCAT and to introduce us to the coursework we’d see in med school. Most schools are really focused on the core competencies. Those seem to be more consistently desired across the board.