Non science bachelors degree

I am coming from a non science/pre med bachelors degree and want to apply to med school. Does anyone know a good post back program that helps with someone who does not have a science bachelors? How long would it be to complete all the science courses required to apply to med school? Any help would be appreciated!


I do not have a science background either and there are a ton of post bacc programs for people like us. They are called “career-changers” post baccs. Have you looked on the AAMC website yet? I started there to filter through post baccs for career changers in my state. They normally range from 1-2 years. I don’t think they are more than 2 years. The ones that take a year, from what I have seen, are ones that offer the basic pre-req science/math classes and the 2yr ones have extra elective classes that med schools usually like to see on transcripts. Also, I recently started learning about DIY post-baccs, have you looked into that?