Non-science major and experience

Hi everyone,

To preface this, I’m in Canada so some of the requirements and language might be a little different. I’m currently finishing my third year of an undergrad degree in psychology and criminology but I’ve decided that I would rather pursue a career in medicine, possibly in the field of psychiatry. The problem is, my degree is a bachelor of arts and therefore, I haven’t taken any science courses since high school. Most of the medical schools in my province don’t have specific course prerequisites, just minimum MCAT scores. If this is something I want to pursue, am I better to finish my degree and go back for a DIY post bacc? Maybe do some kind of science or health science program at a college? Or get a second degree? Or just teach myself the material required to take the MCAT?

Also, because I had planned out a different career, all of my experience is centered around psychology. I’ve done internships at psychologists’ offices and helped run group therapy sessions and that sort of thing. Is there any way to transfer this experience and make it applicable to my new career goals?


Hi! Thank you for your question! Dr. Gray covered your question during Session #179! If you have any other questions please feel free to post in the forums again!

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