Non-Trad Questions Regarding Application

Currently a senior nursing student applying this cycle but I have a couple of questions regarding the application process. But my situation is irregular due to how I got into nursing school. I took two years at community college and took all my pre-reps for nursing and medical school there. Then currently now taking only nursing school courses at the moment. Do I need to send a transcript for my nursing courses even though they’re not related to the med-school app or just my community college transcript since that’s where I took all the pre-reqs? Also can I send my transcript before May(Application Opens)? Lastly, I got a “D” on one of my courses in CC but it was a nursing-related course specific to their program. You have to take the course if you want to enter their program. I retook it and got a “B.” But I ended up going to a different program but will this affect my application and chances of getting an acceptance due to the letter grade when they see the transcript? I tried to speak with a pre-med advisor at my CC institution but I stopped after I received the wrong advice and information. And the current institution I’m in doesn’t offer it because the school consists of graduate programs and my school is the only bachelor’s program. Would love to hear some advice if someone can help.