Non-trad seeking friends

Once again, I’m so happy to have joined this site. I’ve been reading very encouraging words from all of you!

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how my wife and I should find new friends? It may seem like a silly question but we recently moved to Central Florida (transferring from South FL) and I start classes in the Spring. We have many acquaintances but have found it difficult to make real friends.

I find I don’t have much in common with the people in the area and when I start talking about my goals, their attention span decreases dramatically. I’m not saying everyone I hang out with must be med school bound but I would like to find some friends who are in a similar situation as myself: Married with kids and going to school. I know I’ll make some friends as I start classes but most of the kids are trad-students. Besides, I would like a couple so my wife could become friends with the wife. I wonder if I’m asking for too much…Any advice is much appreciated.

Best wishes on your search. I have finally came to the conclusion that the goal is not finding people that have a common goal of school, but, people who will cheer at your success and a shoulder to cry on. Those are the ones to look for. The “friends” whose eyes glaze over, well, that’s never a good sign when someone is not interested in who YOU are. I have to say the people I have met in my college, my age, are still not “friendship” material. Okay, that was my 2 cents.

PS I have friends in Brandon/Valrico FL area. Not sure where that is in relation to you. Happy to give you their info. They aren’t in school, but, always looking to add a good friend.

All I can say is, I feel your pain!

Maybe if you volunteer somewhere you’ll meet someone with common interests and you’re not polluting a work relationship with a friendship…

league sports, church, self-help groups, civic organizations, clubs… I know I am stating the obvious, more for my own benefit.

Good luck. It isn’t easy, especially when you’re already spread thin with family and school!

I live in Ocala, which is about an hour and a half from Brandon. But I always welcome new friends! Thank you for the advice, I think your posts hit it right on the nail. I realize I probably need to get out more, maybe get a babysitter one night on the weekend and just go out with my wife.

Well, I tried. LOL. Definitely get that babysitter!!! Don’t give up on finding those friends. Really, all of us premeds with kids only have time for about 1 friend. So, you only need to find one. Cracking myself up.

Hi Edgar,

I am just north of you in Gainesville, I am doing my post bac at UF.

Everyone is really friendly here, since it is a college town…there are so many families, parks, museums and kid friendly activities.

Where are you planning on doing your post bac work?

Thanks for the support everyone!

Actually jclark2003, I still have about a year and a half of undergrad to do. My closest school is UF (only 30 min away), plus my wife works in Gainesville, so this is my number one choice. However, I hear UF has a very limited number of seats available for undergrad transfers, especially with Santa Fe being their top feeder school. I’ve already applied to UF and they’re waiting for one more transcript to arrive, then the application will be complete. Uf also has a day care for my two year old; granted their is a waiting list but its still comforting knowing they have these services available. I would be more than happy to meet people in the Gainesville area.

Welcome my friend!! See you just made another friend.

Though I have no children, I have heard that the child care is second to none. I have always thought that this is a great “perk” if you will that most uni’s offer now.

Welcome again to the site! Since your very close to completing your UG. Keep us informed as your journey continues.

Thank you so much! I am appreciative I’ve already made some friends here.

Hey there - my brother is a pre-med non-trad old fart and he lives in Ocala too. His wife is pre-RN now too. Contact me private and I will hook you up if you want. What school are you going to now? he’s going to CFCC for his undergrad. Also I am a pre-med old fart too - as I am his twin :wink: I will be in medical school next fall - not 100% sure which one yet - but I will be! Also - I agree with you - it’s nice to find friends with similar goals - others don’t understand tests, studying etc.