Non-traditional, 30 year old, liberal arts undergrad from non-US school with 2.34 cumulative gpa, with undying passion to become doctor

Hi, could I consult an advisor regarding my tough situation?

I graduated with a bachelors in liberal arts in 2014 from a university out of the US with a 2.34 cumulative gpa. The low gpa was due to a lack of interest in my field of study, as well as emotional immaturity at the time. Since then I have worked at a non profit organization as well as in financial services, but a few years ago decided I had a passion for medicine and wanted to be a doctor.

At 30 years old now, I realize the odds are against me, with my non traditional background and regrettable undergrad gpa, in a non science major at a non us university.

I would happily attend a DO or Caribbean school but even still need to do a post-bacc, SMP or both. So far I have not been able to find any programs I could apply to with my background though.

Could I seek advice on my situation if possible?
I truly appreciate your support. Thank you, Erina

You need to prove to medical schools that you can handle the rigorous curriculum. Sorry to say, but a 2.34 GPA doesn’t give them confidence that you will. I would suggest a post-bacc since you will take courses covered in the MCAT. After doing well in both post-bacc and MCAT, you can explain your previous GPA as lacking interest and emotional immaturity. However, they want to see you putting in the work before they will accept you.

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Thanks, you are absolutely right. I need the evidence to prove I can handle this career. Post-bacc + MCAT are my passports to proving that. Was thinking of the same plan after researching myself on moving past the low gpa issue and this was the most common path.