Non Traditional Med Student UCLA extension vs Formal Post Bacc

I am thinking about applying to Med school or PA school but I know before I can do that I need to take science courses.

So a little background about myself, I was a d1 athlete and the past year I was playing abroad while studying to get a masters in business. Currently I am writing my thesis and after my second Orthapedic surgery I realized how much I was interested in medicine and I do have the ability to start a career in it despite my undergrad.

Undergrad I studied communications because many of my coaches discouraged any of the difficult majors and also I transferred after my second year so it was easiest to just throw me in a major. With all that being said, I did not end well and had an overall 2.9 GPA due to the fact I was placing my athletic career before my academics unfortunately at my own influence and influence of the coaching staff around me.

Now that I’ve said a bit about me, I was wondering if anyone could give me guidance as to what program may fit my current predicament better along with my chance at ending up at a medical school if I were to do very well in the program and MCAT.

I appreciate any advice and thank you so much in advance