Non-traditional Options for Applying to Medical School?

Hello there!

I am about to graduate from college this upcoming May, and would like to apply to medical schools. I wanted to apply to linkage programs so I can get into medical school without having to take the MCAT (I still have not taken the MCAT). However, I cannot apply to postbacc programs because I have taken all the pre-med courses and have done very well on them. So that eliminates any postbacc linkage programs. I know there are tons of linkage programs for undergrad sophomores and juniors, but since I am no longer a sophomore or junior what other options do I have besides applying to medical school the regular way?

Thank you.

I understand that the MCAT can be a daunting task, but I really don’t know of any ways that you can circumvent taking it. Since you’ve done well in the pre-requirements, just buckle down and study for it. You can do well if you take the time to prepare. Good Luck to you on your Journey!

The primary reason for not avoiding the MCAT is because you’ll need to develop the ability to take/master taking standardized exams for the remainder of your career in medicine. Not only that, standardized exams are required for EVERY career in the health professions and for many others too.