Non-traditional student, need advice about pre-med activities

I am a 29 year old nontraditional premed. I will apply in the 23-24 cycle. Currently, I am working as a behavior therapist at an autism center. I have shadowed one doctor and plan on finding more opportunities with shadowing as well. I have volunteered in hospice and done volunteer tutoring as well(still continuing). My question is are my activities in line for medical school admissions? I applied for a medical scribe job as well but haven’t heard back. Although I am happy with my current workplace, I applied for medical scribe in order to get some direct patient contact and also because volunteering at the hospitals have become impossible due to covid. So I ended up applying for jobs in order to get the patient contact and getting in touch with real doctors.
Please, guide me if you think I need to change something or if I should keep doing what I am doing.

isn’t behavior therapist already patient contact?

It is patient contact. We get to work one on one with the patient and follow the plan that is prescribed by the licensed supervisor. But since it was behavior therapy, I wasn’t sure if it counts as clinical experience or not.