Nonstandard secondary stuff

The pre-health office at my school provides a composite letter, which is pretty standard. In addition to that, they attach an entire packet, which includes charts (e.g. GPA vs course load) and further essays (like a 3 page autobiography).

To what extent do AdComs use this supplemental information? Should I expect that they’ll read the autobiography with the same attention as my LoRs, or is it something they’ll likely skim over?

I think “skim over” but what do I know.

What a great package. (That sounds dirty.)

They are obviously trying to give your letter some context and increase your chances of admission by ironing out any ambiguities in the transcript and letter itself.

Assume that the committee reads it all. To wit: I have had a couple of interviewers express gratitude that the raw letters which were collated into the committee letter were sent along with my committee letter. They obviously read them and found them useful.

I agree with Matt. There’s no way to project how that package will be received at one school vs. another one. But assume that each part of it is carefully evaluated.


  • Mary Renard Said:
But assume that each part of it is carefully evaluated.

See I always assume abstracts, grant proposals, applications.....are read while "doing your business"...(think #2 ) So while complete things need to be concise. However Adam did say this was 2o stuff so my comments are just those of an OPM'er who's had tooooo much coffee and not enough sleep right now.

I often find myself challenged to moderate my perfectionism, and I tend to be verbose (in case you hadn’t noticed ).

Thanks for the advice! (And the compliment cough)