Nontrad career trajectory?

So I just graduated from undergrad this past May, with a low GPA. I’ve really been going back and forth about being premed over the past several years, though I did take the medical school prerequisites in undergrad to keep my options open (and did all the typical premed extracurriculars). I’m now working at a consulting company, and am still trying to figure out my next steps in terms of my career trajectory, but I’m definitely leaning towards medicine. I essentially wanted to run my tentative next steps by you all to see if this plan is well thought out. While I was a science major and am a recent graduate, I feel that I’ll be a nontraditional in the fact that I’m probably gonna wait many years before med school, because there are other things I want to do more immediately before committing myself to that path. My plan is to continue working at my full time job, while maybe beginning some sort of DIY postbac soon (where I take upper level science courses) that is flexible enough to complete while having a full-time job. After that, I’d take the MCAT, and apply. Maybe I’d switch jobs at some point during this period to get a new experience. I think that would cover all aspects of my application but let me know if there are any glaring oversights in this plan!


When you say maybe switching jobs do you mean you are going to go into another field other than the one you are in now (consulting)?