NonTrad Seeking Advice

My purpose for writing this is to gain some insights into my chances as well as some constructive criticism/ advice on the best possible route to embark on. I completed all my prereqs 2006 at a community college where my average gpa was about 3.6. I subsequently continued to finish a BSc in Biochem (Minor Chemistry) at a 4 year college in 2008, where my gpa was around 3.48. During my undergrad, I engaged in volunteered tutoring for a short period & engaged in biochem lab independent study (no publications). After graduating, I worked for a Pharmaceutical Company for about a year then returned to grad school in 2009 to earn my PharmD. It was an accelerated program that took about 3 years and my gpa at graduation was 3.01. It was an intense year round course load as well as clinicals and students needed to maintain a GPA of 2.2 to continue in the program. I remember engaging in student activities leadership where I coordinated social events as well as volunteered in the community such as repainting homes of elderlies who are unable to do so for themselves. It was so gratifying. I graduated in 2012 and have worked ever since mostly in community pharmacies & long-term care. After 7 years of a practice as pharmacist, I have now culminated in my decision to pursue a medical degree. One of the purpose for this choice is because I wanted to be able to provide a more holistic care to my patients, and not just drug management. My area of interest is Gastroent (first-hand experience of chronic diagnosis) or Anaesthesiology (the internal med line of specialists). I have discussed it intensely with my spouse and she’s in support of my journey (Although it’s going to be tough, rough, expensive especially with an almost 2 yr old boy). I forgot to mention I am 32 and I am dreading MCAT, I can barely sleep thinking about embarking on this gruesome journey. I intend on studying for the MCAT from Apr ’19 to Dec ’19 and possibly apply for the 2020 class year. I am a Texas resident and I have learned from MSAR that most texas schools do not require that you retake pre-reqs? My question is what do I need to do at this point to ensure that I am competitive. Please shed some light on my chances. Thanks for your time.