Normal semester length course (16wks) or Accelerated course (8wks)

Normal semester length course (16wks) or Accelerated course (8wks)?

I have the option to take some of my science courses in an accelerated fashion (gen bio and chem).

How will med schools view this? Is it better to stick with normal semester length courses?

These courses will be taken at a CC in the evening while still working full time. Taking the accelerated course(s) will allow me to knockout the general ones faster so I can take the higher level at the Uni starting fall of next year possibly (these will be full length semester).

Thanks in advance


So I’m actually in physics 1 & 2 accelerated block classes this summer so I can knock out all of physics in one semester! As for the way medical schools look at them, it will be the same exact way as they do any other class. I don’t know if you are currently at a community college right now or a Univeristy but if you are at a Univeristy already I would be careful taking classes through a community college and then switching back to whichever Univeristy you are at especially for science classes/prerequisites! If it’s a pattern at least! it may give them the idea you are purposely taking classes there to get a better grade but if it’s a one time deal for your situation right now I think it’d be fine!

Dr. Gray actually talks about The Switching back and forth On his podcast “Am I ready to apply to medical school” check it out!

Good luck on your road Medical School!

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I will be starting my sciences at the CC as it is best for my schedule. I plan on taking my higher level sciences at the University level

Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely give it a listen

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Due to Covid and less class offerings, all the sciences were full at the university I got my degree from. So CC here I come!