Northeastern State University Post Bacc?

Hello out there in PreMed land!

I am looking for some anecdotal, experiential or observational information about the Post Bacc PreMed Program at NSU OK.

It is the only post bacc program in Oklahoma registered on the AAMC school search function, and, as such, I am just about to apply there.

Any information, however slight, will be greatly appreciated, as I am just a few months out from turning my whole world upside down to start my journey into medicine there!

Thanks in Advance!


me and you are in the same shoe. I am a Tulsa resident and as an older applicant I looked for reputable Pre-Med Post Bacc programs that have assured admission to a medical school. I found one in KY which was very competitive only took 24 students a year and i was admitted but the out of state tuition is way beyond my means. So i spoke to the Post-bacc coordinator in NSU and I am hoping to start this fall. As far as I know it doesn’t have any linkages with any medical schools. However, it will give you 3 important things i don’t think you can find by taking classes on your own. First it will put you in a structured program that helps you get your pre-reqs out of the way in an organized way that most older applicants like us need and you still pay in state tuition. Having a support group of older students and people who are in the same shoe. close relationship with the Pre-med committee which will give you a good letter also the program coordinator told me that they are working on a linkage with OSU so by the time you join or finish the program , more than likely you will have a better chance at getting into OSU. You need to get your is dotted and ts crossed though so make sure you have a good personal statement on why you want to be in Medicine and make sure you have a some medical shadowing before you apply because admission will be competitive if you would like to talk more about this experience sent me a private message with your email and I can exchange with you what i did to prepare for this experience

Also I forgot to mention that the Program only starts in the Fall in the BA campus