Not doing the TPR/Kaplan thing?

I personally used Audio Learn’s MCAT tape series to greatly help myself last MCAT. I improved 3 points in 3 weeks.
I have also heard excellent things about the MCAT tape series from Exam Busters. Someone I know used it to improve 5 points in less than 3 weeks time.
All are available from and are about $125 for the package.
They are both good. Audio Learns package is good to review with a book going over simple formulas and details along with the TPR books if you can get them used. :)

i'm using Audio Osmosis from examkrakers - these are CD's - I also have the books from examkrackers and use the 2 together as if lecture & books from a study course.
I like the CDs - they appear to be high-yield oriented.