Not getting any younger....any advice will help :)

Hey there to everyone in OPMland!

I am a 25 yr old from NY. I attended college from 02-06 and graduated w/a BS in Marketing. I worked in Pharm sales for 2yrs, got let go from the company, and found myself feeling the tug I once felt growing up as a child, MEDICINE. I decided to start at the bottom and completed a medical assisting program this year. I am looking to enroll in school to complete my pre req’s for med school. I would LOVE to do a post bacc program, however, I am finding that most of them offered in my region (the NY metro region) are extremely expensive. I work in a cardiologist office so my part time hrs are not very stable. I am trying to find the best possible option to knock out these classes w/o wasting anymore of my life away. I’m considering looking into community college (NCC only) but I am unaware as to whether or not they can provide me with a letter of rec. for the med school application process. If there is ANYONE who can offer words of advice, encouragement, sanity, ANYTHING, please feel free to send some positivity my way. I am feeling a bit discouraged and have even gone as far as to consider other careers in medicine (nursing, PA, NP). Nonetheless, I want to be a doctor. I have to be a doctor. I need to become a doctor.

Thanks for reading and replying