November General Elections

Hi OPM’ers
I know that we are tied up into our academic pursuits, residencies, etc but please take time out November 4th and vote for the issues and candidates that will best promote the ideals that you stand for. I won’t go into why I’m a devout liberal(one reason should be somewhat clear!!! ) but, I want to remind you that one vote can make a difference even if you don’t think so!!!
Don’t Stifle Your Voice-Get Out And VOTE!!!
P.S. And for those of you studying overseas, absentee voting works as well!!!

Isn’t election day Tuesday, November 2nd? I have always been of the belief that you shouldn’t complain if you don’t vote. (I feel the flames coming back at me already )

Sorry Tara…got my Tuesday’s and Thursday’s mixed up…however, I think you get the point and, I hope the rest of us do as well. There are so many issues out there prevelent to pre-med and medical students as well as residents…health care reform, availability of financial aid, etc so, our voice is essential for change!!!

In Virginia, you can vote absentee “in person” if you are not able to get to the polls on election day. So I voted two weeks ago and put my “I voted!” sticker on my white coat lapel. I’ve been able to educate some folks about this option which is good. My 18 y/o cast her first vote when she was home this past weekend.
Given the electoral college, my vote is not likely to “count,” oh well. It still felt good to vote.

Here in Minnesota you can register at the polls on election day. I’m not sure if you need picture ID or not, but if you’re new to the area you do need someone in the precinct to vouch for you or else you need to bring a local utility bill in your name. Just mentioning this for anyone who might be wondering how to vote here.
We have gotten more visits from both candidates in the last month than has probably happened in the past one hundred years. It is kind of exciting to be suddenly deemed a “swing” state. Even John Cusack is apparently coming to town tomorrow, though I’m somewhat unclear as to his role in things. Oh well, I’d vote for him!

This weekend I got a dose of reality. Someone took the John Kerry sign out of my yard. I mean geez…People are free to vote for whomever they choose. Don’t resort to stealing my sign!

Kimberely and all,
Well said and timely. I had put my own blurb at the Weight Watchers site but didn’t get to it here. Voting is an obligation, and part of the privilege of being an American. While our system is not perfect (I’m another against the electoral college), NOT voting is an ineffective protest and apathy is lethal. Whatever your conscience, do make the effort to get out and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Hi there,
I had to vote absentee in Virginia too. I have already cast all of my votes. Gee, another thing that is very different here in Ohio is the great number of candidates and “things” to vote on. You really have to read and educate yourself on who and what you are voting for. Get out and vote. My parents were immigrants to this country and never missed or miss a vote since they became citizens.

Doc Nat!
That is so true about Ohio…if you have an issue, someway it makes the ballot no matter what!!! Now here in Cuyahoga County, the Board of Elections is being sued for not processing voter’s registration cards in time for the General Election. The motion was filed in Federal Court yesterday afternoon and the judge is supposed to rule today whether those individals will be able to vote. The BOE is planning on publishing the names of those voters with incomplete forms in the Plain Dealer either today or tomorrow to give them a chance to come in and fix their applications before next Tuesday. I will be volunteering at the polls for the first time this year and, I’m really excited!!! All I can say is…how convienent these problems occuring a week before the elections but, hopefully the problems get rectified since Ohio is such a battleground state for votes this year!!!

I already voted via absentee ballot. I’m registered in Virginia but since I’m in school in North Carolina, I figured it would be easier to do it this way. I even paid the extra $5 at the post office so I could get the green card back in the mail (signature that says my vote got there). It was worth it. One negative: no “I voted” sticker! I’m so bummed. The whole reason to vote is to get the sticker.
My classmates at UNCG and people living in Greensboro have no excuses though. They do early voting in Guilford County so you can vote at various times and various locations over the past few weeks or so. I think the “early voting” closes soon or it may have already but if people can’t get off their lazy butts to vote during one of the many hours available…

GO BUSH! GO KERRY! Just go!..
Votings important, I just wish the people I know would vote for more than assumptions about either candidate. One person is voting because of the supposed draft that will happen and she has grandchildren. Nevermind the fact the boy is 11 and even if someone lost their mind and incorporated the draft he would be underage… I tell her it’s a great thing because then it gives you that “incentive” to go to college…she doesn’t like to hear that.

We voted from over here to get them back to Florida roughly 3 weeks ago. Got them one day, turned them around and out the door they went the next.
If you voted and your guy loses take heart:
you earned the right to complain for 4 years.
If you didn’t vote, sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride.

wanted to bump this one back up… the polls opened here at 6:30… my husband waited in line for over an hour… I’ll be heading out here shortly to go wait in line.
take a book, some paperwork, whatever… study… it’s worth it…

Well, I rolled into my polling place at 0630 hours and voted for my candidate, went to class, left class to volunteer as an Election Protection Official in East Cleveland(commonly known as “the hood”), and am now home to enjoy a few beers and watch the election results. I’m so glad that I am an American…even though I think the electoral college sucks, I have the right, duty, honor, and privledge to vote and I felt proud to do just that! Now, if my man does not win, I also have the right to complain for the next four years!!! Don’t forget to vote…it definately can make a difference!!!

Good for you, we all need to be more involved in the political world, like it or not. Did James Baldwin really say that?

Boy it got awefully quiet about the Presidential election all the sudden.
Hope nobody overdosed on Barbituates and Alcohol.
Hope you all got to vote and make your voice heard.

I was noticed the same hush roll in on another board. Silence like all were holding their breath. Not many people want to bring it up, not even in person (on the bus).
I know I don’t want to inadvertently step on others’ toes. For me this was an intense race and when I sit on the bus I wonder… as I look at others, I wonder was who they voted for and if it was not my guy could they possibly explain their choice to me. I feel I need answers yet know I have not the right to ask that of others.
I wish the President well and that he remain in good health for 4 more years. I think uttering the phrase President Cheney would kill me and I’d never get a chance to pay back my student loans.

Yes, James Baldwin actually said that…he was gay you know…or maybe you didn’t know… Any Hoo, my man did not win and, in the back of my mind, I knew that he wouldn’t. My candidate did not run this year and, the grassroots campaign is in full earnest to secure him to run in 2008. Hopefully the Democratic party will take a lesson from this defeat, start working on ways to expand it’s power base and win back a majority of votes in the South and Midwest(and contrary to some belief, you don’t have to be against God, Guns and Gays to take back the South). One historical note to remember, no President has been defeated during a wartime effort…if you mention Truman, he decided not to run. Go Gore 2008!!!

Yes, please nominate Gore or Clinton so McCain can clean either of their clocks in 08. Should be funny…well, to some of us.

Then, just when you think Mr. McCain will come from the ashes…Rudy or perhaps Senate Majority leader Bill Frist will set his clock back another four years…then, that will be funny to some of us as well…as you have seen oh physician from the other side of the Atlantic, a war record means virtually nothing to the American people. They let a supposed “draft dodger” become President, this year they allowed a virtual fight school “washout” to retain his presidency, questioned the decorations of a proven war hero so, what makes Mr.McCain any different? I applaude his record in the Senate and, as a military veteran but, those that have problems with him will “eat him alive” just like the rest of them. Besides, just because he could win some “red” states, I guarantee you he couldn’t win enough to make up a difference in the loss of “blue” states he would’nt win. It’s about time we have engaged in a political debate Joe…it’s been a while indeed!!! Hope you and the family are doing well in Jolly Ole’ England!!!