Now I've done it

So, after being nominated by my peers, I agreed to be considered for either of the two Chief positions in my residency program - Administrative Chief (makes sure schedules are fair, that our program coordinates well with the other residency programs, etc.) or Academic Chief (in charge of the educational offerings for all residents, from the daily noon conference to weekly lectures to orientation). Truth be told, I figured if I were a strong candidate for either position, it’d be Administrative Chief - I’ve always had a knack for running things.
So I was appointed to the position of Academic Chief. Yikes. I did NOT expect this and I am feeling rather overwhelmed! I already have lots of ideas and I do feel I can do a good job, but it’s a BIG stretch. I heard one of the senior nurses explaining to a new staff member, “Academic Chief, that’s the brainiac.” Holy cow! I am SO not the brainiac around here!
Anyway, I start my new responsibilities on May 1. I have a leadership conference to attend later in May, another conference on Evidence-Based Medicine to attend in June, and all my usual resident responsibilities as far as patient care to continue. Whew. Fortunately my husband is proud of me and will hopefully not miss me too much.
Oh, and my 19-year-old daughter said, “CHIEF?! WOW, Mom, that is awesome!” I was intrigued: “What do you know about chief resident?” She explained, “They’re ALWAYS talking about that on Grey’s Anatomy.”
You gotta love your kids for keeping you humble!

Congrats on the new title, Mary! I’m sure you will do a great job!

CHIEF?! WOW, Mary, that is awesome!
It is Even though they don’t talk about it much on House :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats!

Hey Mary,
Congratulations. Let me be the first to warn you that being chief is not as much fun as being an indian. I would love to have those days back again. Maybe your chiefdom is more fun than mine. WaHoo!

Nat, I am afraid you are right. Among other things it occurred to me that I’ll never be able to be late (or absent) for our noon conference ever again! I am already losing sleep thinking about all the stuff and responsibility… at least I don’t have to do the scheduling stuff (that’s my co-chief’s bailiwick). Yeah, I’m going to be saying “yikes” for the foreseeable future.

Congratulations, Mary! That’s wonderful news. It may be more work, but it will be a great educational experience and will serve you well down the line. Let us know how it goes and congrats again!

Wow! Great news. It’s been so nice knowing you!


Congrats!! You will make an awesome chief

I am impressed there Dr. Renard! CONGRATS!!! Or condolences…whichever is more appropriate?

Congratulations Mary! I am sure there was absolutely no one in your program who could have been more qualified! Now go on and show them what you can do! Your program will benefit from having you as a leader.

Hail to the Chief!!!

not to change the subject…but i have had for a long time now 3 little stuffed hippos on top of my monitor at work as my way of reminding myself to be careful w/people’s phi. nice to know someone else out there sees the connection! tho’ i gotta say, hippos are probably less unwieldy than hipaa!!!