Now that I'm going to medical school.....

Now that I’m going to medical school I wanted to say something about finances. I’m going to St. Christopher’s College of Medicine in Luton England. The loans for this school are private: Medachiever and Terri. I found it hard to get one of these loans due to a car that was repossessed 4 years ago. I paid it off 2 years ago. I was able to get the Medachiever loan only after spending 6 months of cleaning up my credit as much as I could and writting many letters. I looked at the credit boards for advice and found a lot of it. It is very, very important to have 2 things on your credit report. Payments on time and Credit cards at 30% balance or less. These two things along with any negatives will weigh heavy in getting private loans. If you are denied a loan the first time find out why research and try to correct and or explain the problems. That is what I did. I felt that getting the loan was almost as tough as acceptance .
Good Luck

One of the most excellent presentations on this very subject was done by our Carmen at Now$Loans at the OPM conference. I know what you mean, I did the same letter writing.