Now what?

Almost a month into spring semester and I receive a notice from financial aid saying that my 04-05 aid is being immediately terminated and canceled! . Apparently they think I’m over 150% of my program. I don’t see how I possibly can be when I’m getting 2 separate BA’s with 3 majors and 2 minors and at this moment only have 158 credits (164 if you count the 6 credits that didn’t transfer in). 150% of one degree should be 180 credits, right? I of course received the notice at 4pm on a Friday so no answers for me until Monday despite calling the FA office immediately and leaving a message.
Has anybody else working on a first bachelor’s run into this issue? If so what did you do? I can’t get a private loan without a co-signer (which I doubt I can find), I work part time, but not enough to come up with 2k/mo for the next 4 months to cover all the bills. It’s already past the 100% withdrawal date so I’m kind of committed to finishing the semester regardless (last resort i can still withdraw and owe money). I just applied for a 2nd job, just in case, but I’m really scared that I won’t be able to keep up the grades if I’m working full time. I was just finally getting to the point where I was gonna be able to start applying for merit-based scholarships . I really thought that I was finally getting my financial life back on the road to recovery and success .
Any suggestions, words of encouragement? I really don’t know what I’ll do if this turns out to be accurate.
–Jessica, UCCS

At this point, the only advice I can give you is not to panic until you get a chance to talk to your financial aid people. Financial aid snafu’s will happen.
Good luck. I hope you get some answers!!

Talked to financial aid today. They only cover 180 credits total regardless of how many bachelor’s degrees you’re getting. So, they’ll cover 5 credits this semester for me (I was sitting at 175 at the end of fall semester) and I have to cover the rest. Not sure yet if they’ll cover any living expenses or not, but I definitely owe more money than I planned for this semester.
My choices are working more or getting a private loan, which means my only choice really is working more and somehow trying to keep my grades good so I can apply for scholarships and an RA position for the rest of my undergrad. I can’t get a private loan on my own and don’t know anybody who can be a cosigner for me . Hopefully I’ll get a job in the summer as a conference assistant on campus which gives you an apartment for free…but I won’t be able to apply for an RA position (more free housing) until next spring because my grades won’t be high enough until after this semester and the due date for the application is sometime in March. Same goes for a lot of the scholarships I’ll be eligible for after this semester:(. So I’ll probably have to work an insane amount of hours somewhere (no idea where yet) just to pay for the next year or so, and then hopefully get enough scholarships to cover the rest of my classes. And somehow manage to keep my grades high enough to actually qualify for scholarships.
They didn’t even apologize for not letting me know any of this sooner since I really can’t withdraw now!
–Jessica, UCCS