Now what?

How bad is it going to look if I have about a 1000 college credits by the time I apply to med school?

No, seriously, I need to change major I think. I have about 150 college credits as a result of having changed my mind a few times years ago. I am in a biochemistry major now. The issue is that this major is unbearably difficult and my GPA (which is only about 3.4 anyway), is taking a pounding. Soooo, I’m considering changing my major…again. All pre-req’s have been done, although I may need to take them again anyway since they are over 5 years old, but my question is just how bad will having this many credits and switching majors this many times look on an application.

Thank you for any input.

Never2late, I started Med School then went second year biochem then fifth year did molecular biology then did PhD in Bioinformatics (had to learn computer stuff), then decided to get an MBA… I have been my life to school and yet I have to retake the pre-reqs. Some people are in worse situation than yours.

Your application has to communicate the reasons and why. At least you tried stuff and figured out you didn’t like them. It’s OK I guess.

This is a great question. I think that you are right to be thinking about how it will look to medical schools. It’s going to be a cost-benefit ratio for you, I think. How close are you to having the biochem degree completed? Are you thinking about switching to a degree that is related (i.e. molecular biology) or something completely different?

You can pretty much count on this being asked about this at interview time. I’m interested to hear what others think, but I think you will need to come up with something better to explain the situation than to say that your GPA was taking a hit. (I’m sure you’ve already thought about that.) Medical school is certainly not any easier than what you’re facing now, and my thought is that the admissions committees will be interested in having a student they know can deal with the academic rigor and stress that comes with it.

Clearly biochem is not an easy degree, and admissions committees may give a little more allowance for a lower GPA in that area than many others. If you enjoy biochem and think that you can restructure things to boost the grades, I’d say stick with it. It will give you a lot of confidence for what you’re going to face in medical school where all bets are off for how you might perform. (Consider that nearly everyone going into medical school has been at the top 5 or 10% of their class and now 90% of those people will no longer fit into that category. It can be a real ego buster! )

Hopefully others will pipe in as well to offer their thoughts. Best of luck with your decision whatever it may be!

Thank you so much for the input. I have 9 classes left to finish the biochem degree, with 5 of them being in the sciences (Physical Chem, Biochem II, Analytical BioChem Lab, and 2 Upper division Biochem electives.)

Way back, a friend of mine, who is currently in residency, told me I was crazy to do the biochem major. (His major was in chemistry and he was REALLY bright). I really took the biochem major to try impress the In hindsite, that’s not a good way to go about it, but it is what it is I guess. I do enjoy the biochem to some extent, but it is for the most part research based, and that just isn’t up my alley. I LOOOOOVE subjects like Anatomy and phys., but the research based classes? Uhhhgggg! Anyway, I’m not sure what other program I would do. Whichever it was, it’ll probably push me another year or so back, which is okay; I just don’t want to blow my application up in the process.

Thanks again.