Now you all have my worried about classes at CC

I will have taken my first 2 years at a CC and the last 2 years of my degree at a 4 year university…are you all saying this is going to hurt me? I will have my 1st year of gen Chem at the CC and one semester of O-chem and 1 semester of Physics as well as all my gen ed’s…the rest (Biochem, Ochem 2, physics 2, etc etc etc) will be taken at the university so I will definaly have upper level science classes to show.
Right now in my life (this is my last year at the CC) I have 2 young kids (ages 2 and 6), I am a full time student, a full time homeschooling mom and a wife and this summer I am starting some volunteer work at the hospital and taking full time summer school load…I just can’t go to the university right now at all.
Now I am worried the adcoms will see me as weak in my application somehow when I am doing the best I can do. My grades are all A’s and B’s with 1 C on my transcript.
Or are ya’ll just discussing taking all of your med school req’s at the CC?

Don’t worry, the song goe’s like this: Grades, MCAT, Volunteerism, clinical experience(shadowing), personal statement. Comunity College comes into play differently for different ADCOM’s some may care and others may not, a great GPA,MCAT and App will give you the best chance. Taking the upper level courses at the University is the way to go!

Hi there,

You do what you have to do. You can’t worry about every little thing on your application. Sure there are going to be some members of admissions committees that will look at your community college grades as a negative but you are not in a position to sacrifice your family and sanity to appease folks who refuse to look outside the box.

If you have great MCAT scores and the rest of your application is competitive, you will be fine. As Tara, who is rocking at UMD medical school has said, " All community colleges and courses are not created equal." There is great variation in teaching and content.

As a former member of an admissions committee, I would look more favorably on a student who did well in community college courses verses a university student who did poorly especially if the CC student had posted a good MCAT score.

There is a very bad “pre-med syndrome” that starts to infect many people. The more immature the worse the syndrome. This syndrome compels folks to make constant comparisions and try to anticipate what is in the mind of adcoms. Your strategy for taking some of your courses at a 4-year college and some at community college will probably be fine as long as you do well and as long as the rest of your application is competitive (MCAT, LOR, extracurriculars etc). Keep plugging away and do what you have to do. Good luck.