NP student wanting to do pre-med, but significant other is also pre-med?

Hello all,

I’ve been searching this topic over and over on these forums for any insight from others comments or posts of their own. I am a 2nd year family nurse practitioner student. I jumped into the program with the excitement or broadening my knowledge in nursing and medicine. I have come to the realization that the NP scope of practice and what is taught in NP school is not enough for me. I am burning to learn the depths of the human sciences and medicine. A deep part of me really wants to pursue medicine, and I never did it before because I really didn’t think I was smart enough and had a lot of self doubt.

I’m 27 years old, been a nurse for 3 years. If I was not engaged to someone who is also applying to medical school next cycle (he’s taking the MCAT in April), I would likely drop out of my program, work as a nurse and take the couple pre-reqs I need, study for the MCAT and apply in 2022. Being an NP school dropout already adds complexity to my application, but I’m hoping I could possibly explain that part fluently to adcoms and have it not dock against me. But my fiancé also pursuing med school adds so much more to consider. I don’t see us being away from one another for 4 years in different schools, and the chances of us getting in the same school are slim. I don’t have the best pre-med status (3.48 undergrad GPA started out premed/pre PA, science GPA around 3.2 or so, played college volleyball, don’t have the best candidates for LOR as of yet. MCAT score TBD obviously but a lot of those sciences I’d have to relearn), so I’m not an optimal candidate. We are already two hours long distance since we started dated. Should I just then continue my program, see where he gets in and then try to apply to his school or schools in relative vicinity? Or still continue with my pre-med route, working as a nurse until a few months before the MCAT (to better study)? Any advice, thoughts, or tips would be great about quitting my program or what to do in general would be great.

You may not know this, but you have a great resume and a overall application for medical school. Former college athlete and real world clinical experience-that goes a long way. I would talk it over with your fiancé; this is a family decision. Additionally, do not drop out of your program; always finish what you start. there is always room of the medical school application to tell you side of your story. Then, I would take the MCAT to see where your at. Studying for the MCAT should not be as difficult, as you have higher education, just make GOOD use of your time. You could take a “Gap” year after you finish your NP program and work, and apply to schools that fit you. Again, this is more of a family decision between you and your fiancé. Once you have established that then you can go about the next processes of becoming a medical student. Your credentials are good and I see why you would not get into medical school. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the response. I have concluded I really need to finish my program. When I wrote this I was really fed up with the program (we have to find our own preceptors), so that along with wanting to do med school I was ready to walk away (although I knew I actually wouldn’t do that). I believe the best thing is to see where I am after I finish NP school. I love to plan ahead and anticipate the future, and the recent thought of me pursuing med school has led to me not focusing on the right now.

You are definitely right about it being a family decision. Thanks again for your feedback!