Hey, anyone know what the GPA calculation systems (i.e. for MD and DO) make of the grade “NP”? It stands for “not pass,” and I’ve heard conflicting reports of it being included/not included.

I’ve got one floating around in my past - I flaked on a crappy CC photography class in my wayward mid 20’s, something I did just for personal enrichment, and way before med school was a consideration. It took me like an hour and some change to drive to it, and the teacher was insane. Hopefully it won’t come back to haunt me. Also, since I beleive the DO system (but not MD) replaces grades, it’s occurred to me to take a photography class if they’re gonna count NP’s, just to shore up the GPA a bit more.

This is truly not an issue you should worry about. You have already spent about 100x more brainspace over that photography grade than any medical school ever will.