Nurse to MD:Where Should I Start?

So here is the background.

I have been an ED nurse for eight years, and I am ready for med school! I have lots of clinical, administrative and leadership experience.

I have a BS in Biology and a BS in Nursing, making my undergrad GPA of 2.99. I also have a Masters in Nursing with a GPA of 3.75. Lastly, I have taken 2 Doctoral level classes with a 3.87 GPA. Where should I go from here?

I didn’t do that well in my undergrad science classes, plus they are over ten years old. I was leaning towards retaking some of my chemistry classes (general, organic, and biochem) to prove I can handle the schedule. This will also help me prepare for the MCAT. I didn’t want to commit to a post bacc program since I have taken higher-level science classes. Therefore I am looking into the extension program at UCLA where you can pick the courses you take.

Any advice would be great as I am ready to focus on my life goal of becoming a physician.