Nurse to MD:Where Should I Start?

So here is the background.

I have been an ED nurse for eight years, and I am ready for med school! I have lots of clinical, administrative and leadership experience.

I have a BS in Biology and a BS in Nursing, making my undergrad GPA of 2.99. I also have a Masters in Nursing with a GPA of 3.75. Lastly, I have taken 2 Doctoral level classes with a 3.87 GPA. Where should I go from here?

I didn’t do that well in my undergrad science classes, plus they are over ten years old. I was leaning towards retaking some of my chemistry classes (general, organic, and biochem) to prove I can handle the schedule. This will also help me prepare for the MCAT. I didn’t want to commit to a post bacc program since I have taken higher-level science classes. Therefore I am looking into the extension program at UCLA where you can pick the courses you take.

Any advice would be great as I am ready to focus on my life goal of becoming a physician.

ED nurse for 4 years here in the same boat! With classes over 10 years old you may want to consider retaking the core science classes. It will help with MCAT studying and solid grades will show an upward trend in GPA!

Thanks for the advise! I am signing up for core classes and I am ready to go.

Good luck on your journey.