Nurse to Physician: Activity Section Help


I have been a nurse for 4 years in the ER and have achieved many things in that time frame regarding leadership and certifications. With only 15 activities spots, would you recommend that I simply discuss nursing achievements in the free text or create them as separate activities.

For example, I have obtained both my CEN and TCRN certifications, I work as a charge nurse and have been a graduate nurse preceptor (leadership), I serve as shift representative in ED shared leadership, I teach classes on USGIV insertion to residents and fellow nurses, etc. Would you create each of these as an activity and then discuss them further or create Nursing as a lone activity and then list all of these accomplishments in the most meaningful essay?

I want to make sure I have room for all other activities, however want to highlight my achievements within nursing as well.

Side note to Dr. Gray, I have loved the podcasts in which you brought on nurses to discuss their journeys to med school, but I would LOVE an episode geared towards formulating an application specifically for people with significant health care experience. It would be very helpful!

Thank you in advance for any responses!

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I am also an ED nurse as well. I would love to hear a episode geared specific towards nurses who are ready to make the leap. I feel we are in a unique place and have valuable experience we want to display in the correct place.

I would list theses accomplishments separately. Each of them represents a different level of skills you have gained. It given a holistic view of you as an applicant. Showing your commitment to continuous learning and development of skills necessary to be a physician. You can also address collaboration with various physicians within one of these activities. You can highlight your leadership skills through your experience as a clinical educator (orientating new nurses).

Good luck on your journey.

Also a nurse. I would put all of those into one activity and address in the “most meaningful” essay. All the credentials and certifications within nursing are not as meaningful outside of nursing as they are within, but of course worth mentioning since it shows professional development. You should definitely talk about your leadership roles as well. I know this is a late reply, but hopefully still timely if you’re applying this year. Good luck to you!

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Also a nurse and I would do the same as the previous commenter said! This is what would seem to be in accordance with the different recommendations Dr. Gray makes on the podcasts and the Youtube channel!