Nursing Diploma on application

I’m getting all my ducks lined up for applying but am unsure quite how to handle this. I graduated from a diploma nursing program, received an associates degree in general studies, then a BSN. I’m not sure how to list the diploma program. It is an approved school, but as most diploma programs are, is hospital based with all non-nursing classes taken elsewhere and transferred in. It really doesn’t fall under college, but the nursing credits did transfer towards my BSN. I know there are some nurse-to-doctors out there. Any diploma grads? How did you handle this?

The courses taken elsewhere are college courses?

If not where and how were they taken?

Not a diploma grad so can’t help you there – the one diploma program I knew of had their students take basic sciences at a community college, is that how it worked for you? If so, the CC credits should be entered on your application just like any other coursework. Good luck!


Thanks DFRP & Mary for the replies.

I’ve gotten a little deeper into things, like actually entering info in, and it makes more sense. The non-nursing classes were taken at CC, which I listed. The nursing classes were my problem and when I started entering them I realized they were in clock hours instead of credit hours. My nursing school will not transfer to credit hours so they are listed, but not included in my GPA. And my BSN transcript does not have them transfered, they simply gave me credit for being a RN. It has all worked itself out.

Now for the 6th revision of my Personal Statement…