(NY) Post-bacc Premed at CCNY/Hunter

Based on the number of threads about Hunter and CCNY, I am assuming that there are many here who attend one of the schools

Does anyone know if a evening/weekend post-bacc pre-med program is available? (called earlier today but got an answering machine) If not, are ANY of the required classes available on weekends? (referring to Biology, Physics, Chem inorganic, Chem organic)

oops… may have posted in the wrong forum…

You can more or less take classes a la carte as a non-degree student at Hunter. You also have the option of registering with the premed office and getting a committee letter when the time comes. I think you have to take at least 5-6 prereqs at hunter for the letter, but don’t quote me on it.
Here’s the schedule of classes:
There are quite a few evening classes for most prereqs, I’m not sure about weekends…
I’m just finishing up my classes there now and start veterinary medical school in the fall at Cornell (yipee!!) so feel free to ask any questions.
Good Luck!

Hi Applesky,
Thanks for the response. Congrats on Cornell!
Looking into it now. I am assuming the science related classes required are:
BIOL 100.00 (Principles of Biology I)
BIOL xxxxxx (second Bio class?)
PHYS 101.LC, PHYS 101.LB (Basic Concepts of Physics + LAB)
PHYS xxxxxx (second Physics class?)
CHEM 102.LC, CHEM 103.LB (General Chem I + Lab)
CHEM 104.LC, CHEM 105.LB (General Chem II + Lab)
CHEM 222.LC, CHEM 223.LB (Organic Chem I + Lab)
CHEM 224.LC, CHEM 225.LB (Organic Chem II + Lab)
I’m not sure if these are the right ones… if you would kindly correct me if I am wrong it would be appreciated.
Thanks again.

Thanks for the congrats.

The chem sequence you listed is correct and for bio and physics it’s the following:

Biol 100/102 (or 160 Honors for the 2nd semester)

Phys 110/120 (algebra-based with lab and recitation)

Another good thing to know (for your glide year) is that Biol 200 = Microbiology and Biol 300 = Biochemistry. It’s confusing since there are similar classes for the nursing program. There’s also an option to take Biochem without the lab (Bio 600)–it’s the exact same lecture, but it’s offered as part of the grad program. Good to know!